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The Malott’s
StrikeMBowling.com is owned and operated by Kathyrn and Kevin Malott or otherwise known as Sunshine and Hoss. This website was created because Bowling is our passion, Our Life. If you asked any bowler, Bowling alleys are a bowlers second home.

Kathyrn and Kevin met in 2011 thanks to their best friends for believing they were the perfect match for each other. When they first got together there wasn’t a Friday Night they weren’t in the bowling alley. That started a new tradition that has been a part of their life and will continue for years to come. Might not be every Friday no more but at least a couple days a week they are at a bowling alley.

Right now they live in Saint Joseph, MO. So the two bowling alleys they currently go to is The Southside Family Fun Center and the Belt Bowl. They use to be dedicated bowlers to Olympia Lanes but that was closed earlier this year. Sad Story for many residents in Saint Joseph, MO.


Kathyrn is the Daughter of Randy Culbertson and Diane Jackson. She was born on April 28th, 1988. She is a graduate of Pleasant Ridge High School in Easton, Kansas. The same year she graduated high school she also graduated from Northeast Kansas Technical College from the Administrative Assistant Program. She went back to school the following year for her Accounting Specialist program. She later was married and adopted a child (Ricky Abbott). She has worked in many jobs that has given her the knowledge she has now. Such as working with the mentally handicap and helped in many Special Olympic Bowling tournaments. Also she has many years in customer service positions and helped with an internet website that has helped give her the ideas behind StrikeMBowling.com.

In 2011 she met Kevin from a friend and it’s been a magical relationship since. Kevin has always called her Sunshine. That is why you will see her referred to as Sunshine. Kevin said the reason he calls her sunshine is because when life has you down and sky’s are grey she is the ray of sunshine that makes the day better and life a Brighter Place. On July 19, 2013 Kevin and Kathyrn were married.


Kevin is the son of Susan Grimmenger (Sanders) and Patrick Ochinero. He was born on October 24th, 1984. He was later adopted by Gary Malott. He is a graduate of Plattsburg High School in Plattsburg, Missouri. Kevin has a brother that is mentally handicap and helped in many Special Olympic tournaments. He also was a coach for a little league soccer team. He has many years in customer service positions. Also went to college at Vatterott for Business Management.

In 2011 he met Kathyrn and she has always called him Hoss. That is why you will see him referred to as Hoss. It’s not very romantic why she calls him Hoss but he is a big guy like a body guard so she also says he is her BIG HOSS. On July 19, 2013 Kevin and Kathyrn were married.

Bowling Journeys

Kathyrn and Kevin enjoy bowling and the first league they started together is the Poker League at Olympia Lanes. The First Season that Kevin bowled was in 2012 and his brother Isaac Malott. This was a very scary year for the family 2012 was the year that Mom Susan was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So bowling was a way for the boys to come together and let frustrations out. Mom did Chemo and later that year she beat cancer.

In 2013 they bowled the poker league together with Kevin’s Mom Susan, Brother Isaac. That is when the name Strike M came to light. The reason is because they needed a team name. Kathyrn thought M…. And so then thought lets get team shirts and so Susan’s shirt said Mom, Kevin, Kathyrn and Isaac’s shirts said Malott and because of the M’s she came up with Strike M.

Also in 2013 Hoss also bowled a few games with Sunshine’s family and friends in Leavenworth, KS the league was called VA Family and Friends because a lot of the bowlers were employees at the VA Medical Hospital. On Friday Mornings he was on the 3rd shift party league which he enjoyed and made a lot of new bowling friends.

That was the year that Kevin and Kathyrn got married and on the night of their wedding they went to a bowling alley for the Poker League.

In 2014 Hoss continued to bowl in the 3rd shift party league and he turned 30 that year and even had his birthday party at Olympia Lanes. This was the year that Kevin got hurt bowling and he threw out his shoulder so he spent some time recovering.

In 2015 Kevin went back to bowling but did not start a league because he wanted to practice and make sure that he was healed before starting another league.

In 2016 Kevin subbed in some leagues and then that is when we received the bad news that Olympia Lanes was closing. So Hoss stopped bowling for a while and then one day Sunshine came home and said enough is enough you are going bowling so that is when we went to the Southside Family Fun Center and found a flyer for the Sports League and so Sunshine signed him up. Then we went to the Belt Bowl a few days later and we signed up for a few leagues there. Now we are back on the road to bowling all the time.
One Night Sunshine said let’s start a website. Hoss said okay what is it going to be. A bowling website? Yes. So that is when we deciding we would do a website called StrikeMBowling.com.

In Closing

Our plans for this website is to have a website with all your bowling needs. We hope that this website will open new doors for us to travel the US and do different bowling tournaments and bowl in as many bowling alleys as possible. So please join us on our journey to making our bowling dream a reality. On this journey The Malotts want to get to know other bowlers they are like family to us.

If you have any questions please email us at StrikeMBowling@gmail.com.

P.S. The Malott’s are NOT Professional bowlers nor do the claim to be, they are just bowlers that want to have FUN!!!!

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